Who are these courses for?

Becoming Whole is for everyone, but definitely geared towards mamas and parents who wish their fuse wasn’t so short.  “Grounding” Your Children is for parents or parents to be.

Who are these courses NOT for?

These courses will not help anyone who isn’t ready to do the work.  I can only give you the tools.  This doesn’t mean you can’t do the work slowly, but you must be willing to take in information and a want to feel better.

Why did you start The Balanced Nest?

Raising a family isn’t easy and of course everyone stumbles as they find their true calling.  The universe lead me on a fun little journey to get here filled with babies and school and weird energy work and health issues but I truly feel it was all so I could heal and be here for you.

How long will I have access to the course content?

You will have lifetime access to all courses you are enrolled in.

Ready to quit reacting and start responding?

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