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The Balanced Nest Podcast Episode 1

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Season 1 Episode 1 –  Listen Now!
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This is The Balanced Nest, a podcast dedicated to the transformative power of emotional wellness. I’m Anna Marie, your guide on this journey of generational healing.


[00:00:14.900] – Anna Marie

So who in the hell is Anna Marie? I saw a meme the other day that said something along the lines of them just giving out random mental health advice, when really they belong in the mental ward, and it reminded me that I should probably introduce myself.


[00:00:35.930] – Anna Marie

I’m a homeschooling mama to two epic little girls. I have an amazing husband who does the dishes because I don’t want to touch it. Nope. But what’s important here is that I’m ridiculously passionate AKA complete nut job for holistic wellness. I have dedicated a lot of my time helping individuals navigate their emotional landscapes and break free from the chains of past trauma. Can you tell that chat GTP road that part?


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I mainly help mamas navigate the personal growth of healing their past and releasing trapped emotions to cleanse the generational trauma, leaving their kiddos with way more energetic space to grow in. So my journey, if we shall call it that, has led me to understand the profound impact of trapped emotions and unresolved traumas on our lives and the lives of future generations.


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So this crap wasn’t only affecting me, this crap was affecting my kids. Which made me a little more intense about it, right? Like I my one goal is to not mess them up. And we all know that we’re going to I mean, that’s part of life, right? We’re gonna create some rifts, but if we can mitigate that, that’s the goal. So that’s what I’m here for, mitigation. So what do I actually do? I’m a holistic wellness therapist is the best I could come up with. I’m trained in a slew of modalities that in my mind, in my mind, all lead to one thing which is clearing trapped energies and trapped traumas from your system. So Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a very calming modality that reminds your system of that core vibration, that core frequency of the universe, that frequency of health, and with how fast our lives are.


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There’s a bug. I have dog snoring, and I’m pretty sure I can hear my kids in the other room who are supposed to be sleeping. So you know this this is what it is. There’s not going to be any sugarcoating, any of this video, any of this life. It’s going to happen when it happens. And join me for the crazy ride.


[00:03:25.930] – Anna Marie

So Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy I’m certified in Polarity Therapy. Um, what is this? Oh, I have notes that actually tell me what I’m doing here. I’m just looking at the wrong spot. So Biodynamic Craiosacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Somatic Therapy, Emotion Code, and I integrate all these modalities to create very catered sessions for my clients. However. If I want to change a generation, I have to reach more people than what I can do one on one. So this is where all this comes into play. I want to be able to talk about this with more people at a time.


[00:04:14.380] – Anna Marie

So my approach is rooted in the belief that by processing trapped emotions and addressing past traumas, we can create a foundation of emotional resilience and well-being that extends to future generations. End goal. Core goal. Like let’s give these kids a fighting chance. By not only clearing our own, but I don’t, this is segue! ADD time!


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As you clear your own shit it clears both directions. So if you’re holding on to something it can affect. And this is like proven by science now, it’s epigenetics right. Like. There’s my dog. Do we see her? There’s one of them. Yeah. So. This concept of generational trauma that was written off is like woo woo shit for so long. Is now proven that we do carry trauma which is there to protect you. It’s initially stored to protect you, but we carry it and it’s passed on from generation to generation to generation. Right? So. The goal is to clear the stuff that we don’t need anymore, to remind the system, the body, that it’s safe now. It’s okay what was being passed on to protect us and to keep us safe needs to be reminded that we are actually safe right now.So that is part of the process of clearing these emotions.


[00:05:57.400] – Anna Marie

Okay, back on track to this outline that I was supposed to follow, right. I think I already covered that my vision is to create an entire generation of emotionally aware individuals who have tools and knowledge to process the trapped emotions and heal from past traumas. So, in reality, I don’t teach anything anything new, but I have to remind them that they don’t. There’s not just a head, there’s an entire body. There’s an entire energy field that we work in and in our world, in our very fast paced world, we live from here, right? We’re like little, little zombies that only have a head that functions as opposed to like the other way around, right? Because like zombies, their brains don’t work and their bodies do. I don’t watch zombie movies. Newborns make zombie noises. I’m still convinced that, like that’s how they get their soundtrack. Like their their. Yeah. The soundtracks. The noises that zombies make. They just listen to babies anyway. Neither here nor there. Welcome to my world. Hope you enjoy the roller coaster.


[00:07:16.350] – Anna Marie

So by empowering individuals to navigate their emotional landscapes, we can break free from the patterns of pain and dysfunction. And I’m not talking just like emotional pain. Physical pain can manifest from trapped emotions. Right? So pain and dysfunction that have oh, this is a good word that have plagued our families for generations, right. That have just soured us. Right. So and we do have to stand back and appreciate the fact that our ancestors have passed on information to keep us safe like that is a crucial wide view to keep in this process of healing. So I don’t want to just create healing. I want to create a legacy of healing for your family. And I think together we can do that. Create a legacy of emotional wellness and resilience that transcends time, right? And transforms the lives of future generations. Like, this is big stuff.


[00:08:30.190] – Anna Marie

Like we’re not just healing for us to be better parents, right? We’re healing. So that they’re healed and so that their kids are healed. And our grandbabies and our great grandbabies, right? That we only pass on the information that’s essentially crucial. But we pass on those damn tools that we have so long forgotten on how to release that energy. Okay. Okay. Are you with me? Hopefully you’re with me still.


[00:09:01.750] – Anna Marie

So I want to point out what pisses me off. I mean, I don’t know that there’s any other way to say it. Um. And what must be not confronted. But. Thought about a little more. I don’t know what I’m trying to say. Maybe it’ll come out as I start talking about them. So social norms and expectations. Our society is full of them. My God, like even me, just going on here without like makeup and without a pretty little background is going to be frowned upon, I imagine. But you know what? This is fucking real life people. Real life. Like kids probably going to walk in at some point. And I’m still going to post this because. One. I’m not here to make you feel bad about your life. That’s that. I’m not here to make you think that life can be perfect. If you heal all your emotional energies. But like. My God, it sure as hell make you not give a shit as much.  Okay, so social norms and expectations, they perpetuate the cycle of pain and suppression of these emotions. Okay. So. Out with those.


[00:10:31.130] – Anna Marie

What else is here? Chat GTP wrote some wild stuff here and I did not review it because it’s bedtime. Um. Okay. This is saying Western medicine in a very broad term. And I’m not saying Western medicine is bad, for fuck’s sake. If I’m bleeding out, bring me to a hospital. But if I have depression due to trapped emotions and not understanding how to process my emotions and not understanding how to sit with my emotions and not understanding how again, how to release those emotions, we are not taught how to release those emotions through normal talk therapy. It does not take anything out. This is. This is still working from up here. And this negate not negates. But working only up here ignores your whole system that is trying to send you information 24 seven. Right. And so what does this say? Let me read this because this is funny. We must also challenge the limitations of conventional approaches to healing, which often overlook the interconnected nature of mind, body, and spirit. Western medicine, normal therapies are very much ignoring the energetic side of our systems. That mind, body, spirit, while it’s said in a lot of things, it’s not described how it’s connected very well and. You know, like things, like ground into your mat in yoga. Okay? Like, am I pushing harder into my mat? Am I trying to, like, feel more grounded? What does feeling more grounded feel like? Like what? What what is that right? And I don’t know if that just magically made sense to somebody else when you started yoga. Like, let me know, because. Uh, that doesn’t make sense. I mean, I understand it now, but it is just wild that that’s what they say without any explanation, so. Okay.


[00:12:49.540] – Anna Marie

Mind, body and spirit. Okay. We are not. Let’s back up. We are magical beings. We are so much more than we think we are. The fact that I wanted to look up the statistic before starting this. We’re looking it up. We’re looking it up? Yeah. What are the odds of being born? I love this statistic because if you don’t think you’re made of magic, like we’re just little sprinkles of frickin stardust just floating around on a speeding marble around a fireball. Like what in the actual fuck? Like we are everything and nothing all at the same time, right? So the odds of any of us being born are one inch 400 trillion. 1 in 400,000,000,000,000. I don’t even know if that’s a legit statistic. Bottom line, it’s fucking wild that you’re here. It’s fucking wild that I’m here. It’s even more fucking wild that you’re here listening to this. With me. Listening to me. Whatever. You get the point. So. I gotta find my crazy notes now.


[00:14:18.570] – Anna Marie

So we have to realize that. Our human brains if we’re only staying up here. That also means that Western medicine is only coming from up here. Okay, so. It is a narrow view of health. I believe Western medicine is it’s it’s when it comes to mental health. Let’s let’s clear that up. When it comes to mental health, there are giant blinders on Western medicine. So, yeah. Not a fan. Not a fan.


[00:14:59.620] – Anna Marie

The other thing that I think had a very dramatic. Toll on mental health is the loss of the tribe and the promotion of the nuclear family. I think the loss of community, the loss of the tribe and the promotion of the nuclear family, and two parents, ideally two parents. And a lot of the time it’s not even two, right? Two parents doing all of this work, just the two of them. I think that sent humanity into a spiral. And I think if we look at cultures that still have more of a communal feel, you can see that the mental health crises are numbered. So.


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So that’s where I stand as far as where this crisis has come from. How we fix it.  What my soapboxes are. So that’s me. Thank you. If you actually listen to this. This is fucking wild. Um, I hope you continue to join me on this journey towards healing generations, because let’s be honest, I can’t do this by myself. I need I need your help. Right? Let’s embrace the powerful transformation of emotional wellness and energy healing. And. Let’s remember that each step we take towards healing ourselves has the potential to create ripple effects that extend far beyond our own lives. So remember those ripple effects and keep plugging away on yourself because it’s not fucking easy, especially while raising kids. So join me in shaping a legacy of emotional wellness and empowerment that will resonate through generations to come.