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The smack heard ’round the world 😳

by | Mar 30, 2022 | Uncategorized

Let’s take a minute and talk about this whole Chris Rock, Will Smith thing. I want to tell you a bit about how energy gets stuck in the body. According to the body, different events in somebody’s life can have the same energetic frequency. So say Will Smith had something else that irritated him that day or even five years ago, and it happened to have that same energetic frequency.

Say he got in a verbal fight with somebody, and it had the same energetic frequency. Found out bad news about a movie; for some reason, it was the same energetic frequency. Now, Chris Rock telling this joke happened to be on this same energetic frequency. This is what we call stacking or coupling. This is how you get the icing on the cake. This is how you get Will Smith losing his shit. This is how you get a reaction versus a response. So after an event, we want to sit with ourselves and sit with our bodies and see where that energy from that event manifests. Say it’s a nauseous feeling in the stomach; say your arms and legs get jelly, right?

And that’s how this event made us feel. Simply acknowledging how the body reacts to certain situations brings awareness to how you can respond versus react. So if you’re going into a particular case. So Will Smith, for instance, had he known how to track his body in this situation, who have been like, oh, I feel my arms tensing up because I want to hit him. I feel my stomach feeling a bit nauseous.

This joke made me feel sick to my stomach, okay? And all of that, it was 100% okay. The feeling of wanting to hit somebody, sure, 100%. So what we want to do in these situations is notice how our body is reacting in every moment so that it gives us pause. We need to respond instead of reacting.

We need that pause for that moment to think, how should I handle this situation? Should I walk up on stage and smack Chris Rock, or should I find them afterward and be like, Dude, that was not okay with me. Can you please not do that again? Have a conversation. Respond differently.

Reactions cause more problems. Responding creates solutions.